Our Story

Welcome to the tribe!

First off, I want to personally thank you for visiting our community. This cause is very personal to me and only possible because of you.

My name is Daniel FreeSpirit. A few years ago, I was a hippie with a bohemian spirit and a profound love for nature. I had a dream to make a difference in the world of fashion and to create fashionable clothing and accessories that were in harmony with nature rather than polluting it.

My journey started with gathering a small Bohemian tribe of like-minded, nature-loving free thinkers here in Philadelphia. In the beginning, we were only a select few, but we had a vision for how we could live a free bohemian lifestyle in a fashionable way, while at the same time help protecting the nature we love so passionately.

I am still a hippie and remain equally passionate about promoting the bohemian lifestyle. Bohemian Wraps is my mission to create a more sustainable world by building a tribe of lovers of bohemian fashion that can enjoy the finest silks that nature has to offer while avoiding synthetic fibers that will eventually end up washing into and pollute the oceans!

Today I want to welcome you to our bohemian tribe — our family. It has not been without challenges, intense struggles, and hard work that we have come to where we are today. We have grown from being a small tribe in Pennsylvania to a nationwide family.

But we are not stopping here. Even though our bohemian tribe has fought hard to be where we are today, we still have a long way to go. We want everyone to know what we are doing here and feel our cause. Not only have the popularity of silk fashion, that we have promoted, brought joy to so many people already. Our tribe has helped tribesmen and women find a way to be themselves by being accepted into a family of like-minded bohos.

So once again I want to thank you for being part of this. Together, as a tribe, we can continue to grow a spread our message of a better and greener world!

Daniel FreeSpirit
Founder of Bohemian Wraps