Membership Details


Membership Benefits

What you get:

 --  Access to 50-90% off retail for high-quality Bohemian Wraps products delivered quickly to your doorstep

--  Rare access to 100% Real Bohemian Silk crafted with enameled copper by professional artisans in the United States. Bohemian Wraps supports and creates American jobs to feed & support their families. We encourage US manufacturing and stability.

--  Exclusive products only available at

--  Save time & money on high-quality fashion.

--  Meaningful contribution to the GreenPeace Fund - Our supported charity to save and protect the environment.

--  Regularly-updated store catalog & Exclusive Giveaways.


Bohemian Tribe Membership Costs:

The Bohemian Tribe membership has a one-time activation fee of $59.99, and the monthly membership fee is currently $4.95 per calendar month.  After activating your Bohemian Tribe membership, you will be billed a total of $4.95 per calendar month in each calendar month and until you cancel your membership. 

Bohemian Tribe Automatic Renewal:  

All Bohemian Tribe memberships renew automatically for successive one month periods on the first day of each calendar month until you cancel.  By purchasing a Bohemian Tribe monthly membership, you agree and acknowledge that you will be charged a one-time membership activation fee of $59.99 and a monthly membership fee of $4.95 (or less if you accepted a promotional offer as set forth during checkout and in your membership confirmation email) in every calendar month until you cancel. 


How to cancel

Please fill out the below form to cancel your membership. As an alternative you can email or call +1 (601) 872-0135.